Capacity Building Assistance

Here at Energy Consulting Inc. we provide Capacity building assistance to organizations looking to improve the performance of the HIV prevention workforce in underserved communities specifically for Transgender women by increasing knowledge, creating best practice policies, skills, technology, and infrastructure and implementation and sustain the T.W.E.E.T Intervention by contributing to the development of educational materials such as the T.W.E.E.T Implementation Guide, the Implementation Checklist, the online Interactive Learning Modules and Demonstration Videos that simulates the implementation of T.W.E.E.T.

Co-developer of the T.W.E.E.T (Transgender Women Entry and Engagement To) Care Intervention TL Teach Back, which is an evidence-informed intervention focusing on enhancing engagement and retention in quality HIV care for Transwomen of color.

Energy Consulting Inc. provides training, education and technical assistance to staff implementing T.W.E.E.T.

Training also for  T.W.E.E.T Peer Leaders on how to conduct outreach to other transgender women living with HIV, and training on how to invite transgender women into weekly group educational and discussion sessions on HIV and other health topics.


New Entrepneurs 

Starting a business can be intimidating, filled with doubts, and overwhelming thoughts.  

However, here at Energy Consulting Inc. we will help you find the excitement and courage to start your business.  Bring your dreams to a reality.  Our mission is to help you set up a foundation for success and provide you with the proper tools. 

Brand Ambassador

As a Brand ambassador service we are skilled in social media and able to communicate information about your products/services online effectively.  We bring high energy in showcasing your brand and network to gain the trust of potential customers and partners.  

Energy Consulting Inc. will provide an end of contract report of comparison sales, feedback and quality improvement ​to assure your brand continues to excel.

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